Infinity Lip Liner in 'IDOLIZED'


Infinity Lip Liner in 'IDOLIZED' - Red

Elevate your lip game with Infinity Lip Liner in 'Idolized'. Delivering a finish that embodies sophistication and unparalleled perfection. Achieve the epitome of sophistication with this perfect semi-matte finish.

'Idolized' defines and shapes your lips with its creamy texture and rich color, ensuring your lipstick and gloss stay impeccable without feathering or fading.Experience the velvety glide of this lip liner, effortlessly creating clean lines and providing long-lasting, full coverage color.

Pair it perfectly with any Snow Geisha 'Rich Red' lip color. Your go-to for lip lining and let every stroke be a brushstroke of elegance on your canvas of opulence and beauty.